Agripreneur Program

With digital solution at the core, AE 2.0 is a multisided digital platform connecting AEs / Agripreneurs seamlessly to all the stakeholders. All the interactions between an agripreneur and farmers get captured on the digital platform enabling the program managers to assess and monitor the impact in real-time mode.

With built-in micro-mentoring modules, all the Agripreneurs and mentors actively engage in crop planning, business planning and farmer engagement. AE 2.0 enables scale and brings platform economics and the network effect.

Program Overview

  • Screening & Selection of rural youth
  • Comprehensive Training & Nurturing in agriculture, business & entrepreneurship
  • Connecting Agripreneurs to a network of partner organizations
  • Enabling Agripreneurs to offer extension services to Smallholder farmers
  • Pilot & validated model in India, scaling across six countries
  • MSP connecting Agripreneurs seamlessly with all stakeholders
  • A village level micropreneur servicing unto 200 Smallholder farmers within their neighbourhood
  • Providing Smallholder farmers with Crop advisory, access to quality agri inputs, access to credit, market & allied services


A village level micropreneur engaging around 200 smallholder farmers to service a micro economy of $150,000 to $250,000

Small Holder Farmers

The end goal is to increase the Smallholder Farmer’s income, strengthen them against the risk and build their resilience through a host of farmers digital extension services




Farmers Served

Average Income of AE
US $2,500 by year 3

Delta income of farmer
60-75% increase by year 3

# of Villages covered
1,642/1,558 Digitally

Stories of Change

The Challenge

Our village faced a challenge of access to formal credit and input quality stores. After spending long hours in commute, farmers spent little time asking about the right products or precautions for using chemicals" highlights Kavita Patil.

Solution offered by Agripreneur

As an AE, Kavita brought both credit and quality inputs to her people. She facilitated agricredit of $100,000 and now earns $3,500 anaually, three times more than her previous income.

The Challenge

In 2016 with over 1000 farmer suicides in Nanded, Maharashtra farmers lost faith in agriculture as a dependable source of income Shubham Ingole, a soyabean farmer, lost 80% of his produce

Solution offered by Agripreneur

Shubham Ingole enrolles as an AE and set up as a seed cultivation unit. Regular guidance from the Agri Mentors helped Ingole triple his income to $4,000 and become a local role model.