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September 29, 2018
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October 17, 2018

How Technology Can Contribute to a Positive Social Impact

On the 12th and 13th of September, 2018, the AIDEX Nairobi conference was held at Safari Park Hotel, where stakeholders from the international aid communities came together to discuss topics under the theme of “Revolution in the Digital Age: Safeguarding a Future for All. How can Technology Contribute to a Positive Social Impact?”

What can be learned from such a conference is that despite all the technological advances that cities like Nairobi have undergone in the past few years especially when it comes to the adoption of technology, we still have a long way to go to empower rural communities using technology.

That’s why at Kuza Biashara, we have learnt to tame the technology, making it at the heart of what we do. Our programs have focused on the micro-distribution of micro-learning modules using technology. Instead of keeping up the ICT barriers that exist between people from rural and urban areas, we break those barriers by equipping communities with ICT skills so they’re more able to internalize technology and adopt it in line with their natural curiosity.

We do that by carrying the entire classroom inside a backpack loaded with tablets and the Ruka Edge device that holds all the content. When we go in the community and switch on the Ruka Edge device, any smartphone in the vicinity can access the content it carries even if there isn’t any network.

Another gap that still exists in the market revolves around empowering girls and women on using technology.

For example,one of the programs called #SheGoesDigital which was designed and deployed in partnership with International Trade Center, Supporting India Trade & Investment for Africa as well as DFID. In that program, young women were empowered to learn digital marketing and social media skills. But besides building their skills, Kuza aided in securing industrial placement for the trained graduates, because we believe in the quote that says, “Give a hungry man fish, you feed him for a day, but teach him how to fish, feed him for a lifetime, but what’s also important is enabling the man with both resources and opportunities to fish because what happens if he has no fishing pole or fishing net, or he’s not close to a place that even has fish).

The program was complemented by live project experience, training in core & social skills. In addition to that, the young women had access to mentors & coaches, successfully interacted with industry leaders & experts during the program.

Not only did we touch on 6 of the SDGs using one program, but we also made a significant impact in the lives of these young women as 80% of the program graduates were successfully placed in internship opportunities, while the rest pursued their entrepreneurial ventures.

One of our own leadership team, Dr. Amina Islam participated in the panel to contribute on the topic by talking about the practicalities of conducting such a program.

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