Masons Skill Development Program

Kuza's Impact

Kuza, in association with Bamburi Cement (a member of the Lafarge group), the largest manufacturer of cement in East Africa, designed & implemented a program aimed at building the capacities of masons’ in 6 informal settlements around Nairobi.

The Program leveraged Kuza’s Digital Micro Learning Platform & Community Building strength to empower the masons through Skills development that aimed at helping them learn, connect & grow.

The program was designed & implemented based on the principles of blended & informal learning, whereby learning was structured around 40% Core skills, 40% Social skills and 20% Vocational skills. During the course of the Program, the masons reflected & identified their blind spots, set goals & committed to Take Action. 65% Masons showed commitment, while 45% of them demonstrated deeper commitment.

From being externally driven to self-driven, this program has helped in building a community of self-motivated, trusted & committed masons who have witnessed the endless benefits of collective power & influence.

I used to feel that being a Fundi was a stepping stone to something else. In class I met and interacted with confident fundis who love what they do and respect their job the way bankers & other professionals do. Thanks to Kuza, I now believe I am in the right place and committed to my vocation. I have since registered my own business and now consider myself as a contractor in the making. Through the various experience share in my class, I realized I could also start a small hardware store to improve my earnings.

Tycrose Keeru, Mason, Utawala, Nairobi

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