#PassionWithPurpose for Home-based Bakers

Kuza's Impact

Kuza has extended its Community based Strategy to the Home-based Women Bakers of Kenya through the Bakers Group, a Facebook community of over 100,000+ Bakers and other Bakers community across Kenya. With the average profile of these Home-based Women Bakers being between the age group of 20-35 years, active on Social Media using Smart Phones in their day to day lives and about 30% of them aspiring to be Entrepreneurs (embracing Baking as a Business), Kuza has conducted Workshops/ Mentoring Sessions by leveraging Kuza’s Digital Micro Learning Platform and through other digital channels like WhatsApp, Blog, Facebook etc.

As part of the Mentoring Sessions, the groups were encouraged to set personal & professional goals through a “Goal definition exercise.” Peer to Peer & Peer to Mentor accountability structures were set up. The groups continue to collaborate actively and explore bigger opportunities. The overall goal of the program is to align their passion with purpose.

I absolutely love your Kuza Biashara blog. You guys are doing a wonderful job. I can relate to what you are featuring as I too had the same thoughts of how to get rid of poverty and how to make people invest in small businesses so that they can save a bit more and make their lives a bit more comfortable. Thanks for sharing such great ideas. Looking forward to meeting you all.

Been Doshi, Home based Baker

SDG Goals touched