Globally over 500million + smallholder farmers contributing to 80% of the food needs of two of the largest continents of Africa & Asia. Yet they live in utmost poverty, earning less than $2 a day. Added to this are the everyday threats they face due to the volatile social, political, economic conditions and most importantly climate threats & shocks. Reducing arable lands, excess floods & droughts and other climate conditions subject them to further threats. This not only affects the farmers but fundamentally affects each one of us as this directly impacts the food security of the growing world population.

Kuza has successfully designed & deployed a last mile delivery “Rural Youth Agent model” which is focused on increasing agricultural productivity and incomes for smallholder farmers and building more resilient communities.

Program Partners

Kuza One is an AgTech Digital Platform that leverages last-mile rural agents to improve the productivity, resilience, and income of smallholder farmers. As a double-sided digital platform, Kuza One assists the rural agent in providing rural advisory/extension services to the smallholders on one side and facilitates transactions for procuring & servicing quality inputs, mechanization services, credit, market, allied services on the other side.

Amplifying Scale & Reach through an AI-driven Kuza Digital toolkit which can be accessed offline/ online, on the move & in the bush.

Award winning MicroLearning across40+ Value chains Good Agricultural practices for over 40+ Value Chains (across Food, Horticulture, & Cash crops) aimed at increasing productivity, improving usage of natural resources and generating higher farmer income.

AI Driven Mobile Smart Coach Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) based technological innovation designed to assist the farmers in improving & protecting crop yield through pest identification & pest control.

Digital Toolkit A customised Digital Toolkit proving Agents & Smallholder farmers access to digital micro-learning advisory content in remote, off-grid location with low or no access to internet & other infrastructure.

Stories of Change

“Our village faced a challenge of access to formal credit and quality inputs. After spending long hours in commute, farmers spent little time asking about the right products or precautions for using chemicals,” highlights Kavita Patil. I managed to facilitate credit worth $100,000 to my cohort of farmers and today I earn three times more than my previous income.

Kavita Patil
Agripreneur, Maharastra, India

“Farmers like me have had to walk more than 10 KM to find seeds and other farm inputs. And yet there was no guarantee that we would find the right seeds. Year after year, I was tired of lower yields due to poor quality inputs. As an Agribusiness Advisor, I have been able to make the right inputs available to farmers in my village & around. I now run an agrovet and have been able to create an impact.”

Jacob Muriungi
Agribusiness Advisor, Tharaka Nithi, Kenya

10 out of 18 UN SDGs are impacted
The Sustainable Development Goal to “End hunger, achieve food security, improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture” (SDG2) recognises the inter linkages among supporting sustainable agriculture, empowering small farmers, promoting gender equality, ending rural poverty, ensuring nutrition for all, tackling climate change, and other issues addressed within the set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Kuza positively impacts 10 out of the 17 SDGs to building resilience of smallholder farmers & local food systems.

Kuza Use Cases

Kuza’s digital platform and portable digital kits deliver learning and collaboration opportunities to communities of micro-entrepreneurs in rural / remote areas - helping them to create and grow their businesses.

Field Agents
Screening & Selection
Field Agents
Capacity Building
Agent Activity
Agent Tracking
& Monitoring
Agent Supervision

Farmer Training on
Good Agri Practices
Farmer Training on
Alternate Livelihood opportunities
Farmer Profile
Farm Planning
& Digitization
Transaction &
Record Keeping

Community Training on
Infrastructure Mngt
Women Training on
Savings & SHGs
Community Training on
Health & Nutrition
Gender Equality
Youth Skill development
& Entrepreneurship

Kuza in News

BCI partners with Kuza for Field Facilitators Skill Development Program

Better Cotton GIF has partnered with Kuza and launched an online skill development tool for Field Facilitators (FF) in India. The learning platform enables FFs to undertake personalised and self-directed learning with a view to ensure a consistent skill set across Implementing Partners (IPs). The pilot was conducted in Maharashtra and Gujarat with six IPs. As many as 504 FFs participated in the initial roll-out, followed by an additional 134 FFs.

Kuza’s Digital Micro-Learning Toolkit for Farmer Capacity Building in Mozambique in partnership with BCI

BCI partners with Kuza to provide access to the GAP learning materials through a digital kit that can successfully operate off-grid in even the remotest areas of Mozambique. An entrepreneur from each project site will be trained on providing crop advisory services to farmers using Kuza’s digital toolkit.

Kuza: A revolution in rural businesses

Hundreds of millions of new jobs are needed to keep the growing population of sub-Saharan Africa in work and out of poverty. As Covid-19 threatens to devastate economies across the continent, could social entrepreneurs provide new opportunities to make a living – in good times and bad? New research explores the potential of businesses that put the good of society ahead of making big profits.

Farm to Market Alliance Kenya: Business Coaching – From FSCs to Business Persons

FtMA Kenya team is using Kuza's Redi Platform to help thousands of smallholder farmers across 12 counties, to overcome challenges in the sector, by identifying and building a network of rural Agri entrepreneurs known as Farmer Service Centres (FSCs)