KUZA is creating opportunities for rural youth, women and small business owners by building their capacities as Agripreneurs via its Rural Entrepreneur Development Incubators (REDI). Each Agripreneur offer bundled services to a cohort of 200 smallholder farmers from within their local communities.  As members of OneNetwork, Agripreneurs earn commissions from selling high quality products and services from curated service providers.

Agripreneurs use Kuza portable digital kits, designed to work off grid and without internet, to offer personalized advisory & information services to their farmers using HD video content in local languages.

Micro Learning

Digital content to provide technical and leadership skills.

10,000+ bite-sized HD video content in 10 languages covering 40 crops, livestock, social and business skills.

Micro Distribution

Portable digital kits to provide advisory & transaction services.

Agripreneurs provide on-demand rural advisory & info. services to smallholder farmers in remote locations with low or no access to internet & other infrastructure.

Micro Mentoring

Omni-channel mentorship services in local languages.

Conversational AI bots provide in-the-moment crop advisory & bite sized knowledge nuggets to farmers & their families in local languages / dialects.

KUZA is taking an Ecosystem approach  by crowding in public, philanthropy and private sector partners to support its members through their lifecycle as individualscommunities, and networks creating collective prosperity.

Our Partners

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With the current network of 600,000 smallholder farmers  from 4,000 villages served by 3,750 Agripreneurs, KUZA is working towards revolutionizing the resilience of  500 million smallholder farmers globally.

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