Happy Entrepreneural life is a choice you too can make

Happy Entrepreneural life is a choice you too can make

Let’s get it right, the life of an entrepreneur is challenging and can get very tedious at times. Some entrepreneurs, especially start-up founders, end up doing a bad job in one aspect or the other due to their many challenges.

Some dedicate more time to work thereby losing out on family life, while others do the opposite leading to the collapse of their businesses.

Successful entrepreneurs must achieve a clear work-life balance. Balancing is the only way to lead a happy entrepreneurial life.

A happy entrepreneur is one who knows how to allocate time and attention to personal, professional and family life. When you live in such a way that work and play are entwined in a fulfilling way, you live a good and rewarding life indeed. Here are a few tips to lead a happy entrepreneurial life:

Relish entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a marathon. It is not a sprint. The only way to win the marathon is to enjoy it. What we have seen with most entrepreneurs is that they get caught up by the end result.

They are so motivated and focused on the goal that they forget that every single achievement is important.

Contrary to the popular belief, focus on the entrepreneurial journey. What you do throughout will determine how happy you are in the end. If you sacrifice everything to reach the goal you may have the end result but not happiness.

Enjoying your work will also help in building an excellent team. You will go home happy and satisfied thereby spending some lovely time with your loved ones.

Value your position, many strive to be in your place

Remember these wise words by Oprah Winfrey: ‘‘Be thankful for what you have, you’ll end up having more.” You may have goals and aspirations but if you are not happy with what you have achieved you will not do much for your future. Appreciation is the key to happiness in personal as well as professional lives.

No matter what you own, someone else will always have more than you. At the same time, there are many people breaking their backs everyday to earn something that you take for granted.

This way of thinking will help you appreciate everything that you have. This in turn will strengthen your power of positive thinking, making you a happy person.

Let go of your ego

If there is one enemy that can pull you down, no matter how hard you work or how genuine you are, it is your ego. Your ego has an immense power to trick you and fool you to believe that you are on top of everything. Don’t fall in that trap.

Accept the fact that other people are as important to your business as you are. No doubt, you are the centre of your business, but learn to accept and respect others who can make or break your business.

Welcome failure with open arms — it is a worthwhile lesson

One of the biggest reasons for sadness and frustration among entrepreneurs is the fear of failure. In fact, the fear of failure is a leading cause of ultimate failure. Successful entrepreneurs are aware of the fact that failures are the stepping-stones to success.

They are not afraid of failing. They take each failure as a lesson which guides them to eventual success. Failure is meant to encourage you, embrace it! If you don’t you’ll carry your office home and disrupt your personal life.

Apple founder Steve Jobs once said, “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.”

These are very strong words. Life is indeed too short to stay unhappy for whatever reason. Smile, love, and enjoy life.

Sriram is the founder and chief mentor of Kuza Biashara Ltd, a capacity building organisation which coaches youths and SME owners in Kenya. He also chairs Entrepreneurs’ Organisation for Africa.

sri@kuzabiashara.co.ke. Twitter, @Sbharatam

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