Building Resilience & Strength

of communities to fight the war against the Coronavirus

Kuza’s mobile-first rapid response campaign, Corona Warriors uses our AskKuza Conversational AI chat bot to help everyone self diagnose their COVID-19 status & educate each other to power past the pandemic. Bite-sized learning cards & micro-learning videos assists communities in building their Resilience & Strength to fight the war against the Corona virus.

How it works See it in Action

How it Works

Self-assess your COVID-19 status 
using AskKuza AI chatbot from your smartphone 
or desktop
Access bite-sized 
lessons on COVID-19 
to get yourself certified 
as a Corona Warrior
Assist your family members in assessing their COVID-19 status & educate them on precautions & care to stay safe & healthy
Reach out to your community to sensitize them, assess their COVID-19 status & educate them to stay safe & healthy

How to access from an Android phone

How to access from an iPhone

Login to, click 
on add to home screen icon

You will be prompted to confirm the installation

Confirm the installation by clicking on Add button

An App icon will appear on your HOME screen

Kuza #COVID-19 Resources

Kuza’s Resource Library provides on-demand & in context, bite-sized micro-learning nuggets on practices like social distancing, personal hygiene, and reaching out for care as needed. 

Empowering the People Powering our Planet

Having impacted over 4.8 million youth & created 150,000 new jobs across Africa and South Asia in seven years, Kuza is an award winning social enterprise working with everyone on the front line - who grow our food, make our wares and risk their lives to secure our shared future. We empower these communities to Learn, Connect & Grow to Scale on their own terms & pace.

Connect with us & let’s Together move closer towards building Resilient Communities.

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Please note this content is for informational and awareness purposes only, and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health service providers with any questions or concerns you may have regarding a medical condition.