BCI partners with Kuza for Field Facilitators Skill Development Program

In 2019, the Better Cotton GIF launched an online skill development tool for Field Facilitators (FF) in India. The learning platform enables FFs to undertake personalised and self-directed learning with a view to ensure a consistent skill set across Implementing Partners (IPs). The pilot was conducted in Maharashtra and Gujarat with six IPs. As many as 504 FFs participated in the initial roll-out, followed by an additional 134 FFs.

All the FFs (634) used the learning modules, including a standardised assessment tool that enables users to identify skills gaps and then suggests a personalised learning path. Sixty-three per cent of FFs (398) also completed a user survey to provide feedback on the tool. Seventy-six per cent of the respondents said that they found the tool useful, while 57% said they found the training relevant to their work and will regularly use the learning. However, 82% of the survey participants indicated that they would prefer a combination of online and classroom learning.

About BCI

Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) is world’s largest cotton sustainability program supporting 2.1 million small farmers across 22 countries.

Excerpt from idh Cotton Yearbook 2019, page 12