Kuza’s Digital Micro-Learning Toolkit for Farmer Capacity Building in Mozambique in partnership with BCI

We’ve partnered with Kuza – a leading social technology enterprise that specializes in developing micro-learning content – to develop digital training materials on:

  1. good agricultural practices for cotton and three other high-value crops
  2. poultry management
  3. watershed management
  4. farm planning and decision-making
  5. crop-budgeting and group-saving

Additionally, Kuza will provide access to the learning materials through a digital kit that can successfully operate off-grid in even the remotest areas of Mozambique. An entrepreneur from each project site will be trained on providing crop advisory services to farmers using Kuza’s digital toolkit.

The aim of this project is to provide farmers with more dynamic and engaging training material and a platform that allows farmers to learn at their own pace and time, which when combined, will increase adoption of more sustainable agricultural practices leading to improvements in livelihoods and resilience.

Farmer Narrative

Salvador Daissene is a BCI farmer from Niassa province in Mozambique. He has joined the BCI project being implemented by SAN-JFS in the region. He has been growing cotton and other crops since 2002. In 2019-20, he cultivated cotton in 11 ha, corn in 4 ha, and sugarcane in 5 ha land. He also has a small garden in which he grows tomato, cabbage and onion.

His main income is from the cotton crop, which helps him to sponsor studies for his three children. He believes that BCI is good not only for environment but also for the cotton-growing community. He has attended several trainings by SAN-JFS, in which he learned to improve culture management
practices, pest monitoring and pesticide management.

He has also been focusing on the “decent work” aspect on his farms. Since he owns more than 20 ha, he regularly hires temporary workers and local community members for land-clearing, sowing, weeding, thinning, pesticide application, and harvesting. In addition to cash payments, he also gives meals to his workers.

Salvador Daissene
BCI Farmer – Mozambique

About Mozambique Climate Resilience Program

IDH & Kuza have jointly launched a Digital Toolkit for the Program along with the private sector partners Olam, San JFS, Plexus, & SANAM to improve the small farmers’ resilience, productivity & income.

Excerpt from IDH Cotton Yearbook 2019, page 21