Innovation day at IFAD’22: Ingredients for Innovation

On 21 June 2022, Innovation Day kicked off the IFAD’22 Conference, bringing together 74 speakers representing the governments of Colombia, Finland, Italy, Israel, Kenya, and the United States, and top executives from the public and private sector, academia, civil society, research organizations and international financial institutions to share knowledge on how to originate, pilot, test, and scale innovative solutions in rural agricultural development.

A digital revolution in the Kenyan agri-food system is underway. While prior agricultural revolutions  (British and Green Revolutions) began with on-farm technologies to boost productivity, this revolution is different. Digital technologies are being used at multiple points along agri-food value chains to enhance farmers’ access to markets, input providers, financial services, advisory, and information. The groundwork for this digital revolution has required an enabling policy environment, extraordinary innovation from the private sector, and buy-in from the international community. Now, Kenya is Africa’s leader in agricultural innovation, dubbed the ‘Silicon Savannah’ and home to one third of disruptive agricultural technologies on the continent. 
The opening plenary session – Ingredients for innovation: the emerging digital agriculture revolution in Kenya highlighted the country’s experience in innovation from the perspective of the Kenyan Government and the enabling environment setup, how the government and the World Bank are supporting it, how a successfully scaled start-up (Kuza Biashara) is crowding in all the stakeholders to create last mile youth Agripreneur network, followed by a discussion on how rigorous research is needed to learn from the Kenyan experience and help accelerate the digital agricultural revolution.

Kuza took the stage to present it’s youth Agripreneur model and how Kuza is crowding in the public, private and philanthropy partners onto a One Ecosystem Platform to create sustainable rural communities.  

Thank you for being part our journey by sharing your expertise, actively participating in workshops, and openly discussing your experiences at our #IDHLearningEvent “Learning into practice: New data-driven paradigm for inclusive agricultural development.” We are feeling very energized and motivated by the enthusiasm, engagement and constructive input you provided throughout the 2 days. We trust that you enjoyed diving into the key learnings as much as we did, took home practical insights on the performance of smallholder business models, and that you reconnected with old acquittances and created new valuable relations for future collaboration.

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