Kuza Digital Agripreneurs in Africa – A  World Bank Case Study

KUZA’s OneNetwork is an ecosystem platform with a human user interface (youth Agripreneurs) offering high-quality bundled services to smallholder farmers to increase their productivity and income.

KUZA has taken a holistic, long-term systemic approach to identify and incubate rural youth through its Rural Entrepreneur Development Incubators (REDI) as Agri-entrepreneurs and become members of OneNetwork, KUZA’s digital marketplace. Agripreneurs provide personalized digital extension services to their farmers using specially designed portable digital kits, dramatically reducing the upskilling and networking costs, making them accessible even in the off-grid areas. Working alongside 4,000 youth Agripreneurs and 600,000 smallholder farmers, KUZA’s OneNetwork is creating sustainable economic opportunities for all agriculture ecosystem actors. KUZA’s work has impacted over 6.0 million people and created 153,321 new jobs across Africa and Asia.

Sriram Bharatam, Founder & Chief Mentor, KUZA One, talks about the challenges of smallholder farmers and how KUZA is leveraging the power of rural youth as the last-mile change agents providing trusted relationships between smallholders and service providers through a Public Philanthropy Private Platform (PPPP) model to transform the agri-food sector at scale.

Webinar Recording