Kuza leads discussions on scaling partnerships Mercycorps/Agrifin 2022 Learning Event

Sriram Bharatam

With smallholder farmers facing unprecedented shocks over the last decade, the sixth Annual Agrifin Learning event of 2022 focused on bringing together stakeholders to discuss and build viable pathways to resilience for farmers in the wake of a booming digital era.

This global event included keynote speeches, presentations, launches, demonstrations, panel discussions, quizzes and a full day marketplace where great agriculture related innovative solutions were on display.

The 5-day event was designed to be solution focused supported by collaborative discussions from the very start.

There are 300 million farmers across the world who still do not receive climate smart advisory services, the gender gap is persistent at 16% for mobile internet access and still hundreds of millions of small scale producers do not have access to digital agricultural services. We need to move from small pilots and start designing for scale”, said Hannah Reed from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in her keynote address.

A significant panel discussion with the theme – Making Platforms Work for Smallholder Farmers – was convened to explore how platforms can be scaled and adopted in response to global trends. Close to 200 people attended this discussion with many more joining in online.

Kuza has made tremendous strides in forming partnerships that are scaling tangible solutions for smallholder farmers. Sri Bharatam, Kuza’s Founder & Mentor was invited to lead discussions around effective partnerships, drawing from lessons learnt and successes over the past decade.

To date, Kuza nurtures partnerships with governments, private sector entities, development agencies and social enterprises via a tactfully designed strategy designed for exponential scale and tangible results. “In order for us to really make an impact in the agriculture sector, and break down the barriers smallholder farmers face to shift from subsistence to commercial farming, we have to include technology designed to scale interventions, create meaningful jobs and grow businesses at the last mile,” said Vinay Vutukuru, Senior Agriculture Specialist at the World Bank.