Manage time easily in the era of facebook disruption

Manage time easily in the era of facebook disruption

Productivity is never an accident. It is the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, focused effort and, most importantly, good time management. Everyone gets the same 24 hours a day.

But, one common complaint that people have is the lack of time. In my own case, in the last few months, I never had time to send my car for servicing, though I knew top of my mind that the car was due for a service.

One day it broke down when I was rushing for an important meeting. I cancelled the meeting and headed straight to the mechanic. I started pondering why this activity had to delay.

I realised two important things: one it was not that I did not have the time, but it was never a priority.

It only became a priority the minute the car broke down, because it could impact many other things. Second, I took it for granted that the car would function without me doing what is expected of me.

We often complain about lack of time, when the lack of direction or priority is the real problem. And the most common excuse to do or not do certain thing is that ‘time flies’, little realising that we are the pilots of our time.

In reality, we make time for what we truly want when we want it.

Managing time without getting priorities right is like shooting randomly without a target. Until we can manage time, we cannot manage anything in life.

It is almost like you can see the time clocking away but you have no control over it. Our lives are usually busy and packed. We use lack of time as an excuse to avoid or delay getting things done personally and professionally.

We tend to mistake movement in life for achievement in life. It’s easy to get faked out by being busy. The question is ‘busy doing what?’ A well organised life finds time for everything, to a large extent.

Our future is created by what we do today, not tomorrow. I have heard many say “lost wealth may be regained by hard work, lost knowledge may be regained by dedicated study, but lost time is lost for ever.”

And in today’s world, with serious distractions in the form of excessive channels of communication, social media and entertainment, apart from busy work, we tend to give ourselves a bonus of few minutes for wanted distractions, never realising how the few minutes grab hours and days.

“Take care of the minutes and the hour will take care of itself.”

That’s easier said than done, because if only we could take care of that, a lot of things would solve themselves. In fact, as Stephen Covey said, “Time management is really a misnomer — the challenge is not to manage time, but manage ourselves.

The key is not to prioritise what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities.” You will never find time for anything. You must make it.

A lot of people want to accomplish a lot at 40; buying a house, going on vacation or write a poem. What should be done is starting to write, taking family on a vacation now or planning to buy a house at 40 years. Take the first step.

Trust me, there is a greater joy when you don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities, instead seize common occasions and make them great.

If you have been struggling to manage your time or give priority to your time, follow these five principles.

  1. Be honest with yourself. What you say to yourselves remains within you, you don’t have to say things to please self. Be brutally honest, truthful and authentic on what your priorities are.
  2. Maximise energy: Cut yourself off unwanted distractions and energy suckers. Give yourself time and attention on things that matter to you the most and more importantly, boost your energy and confidence and stay positive.
  3. Learn to say No: You may not always have the luxury of saying ‘No’ without hurting your opportunities (at work) or hurting sentiments (in personal life). But learn to say No to the non-core.
  4. Focus on important rather than urgent things: The constant challenge we face is the struggle juggling between important and urgent things. As far as possible, delegate urgent things when you have important things on hand. That’s the trick.
  5. Focus on results: Turn down things that are not your priorities, constantly look for ways of improving productivity or efficiency. Set few priorities and learn to stick to them. If you run into problems, don’t get bogged down, learn to focus on results.

Sri is the founder and chief mentor of Kuza Biashara Limited @Sbharatam or

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