Francis Mwaura

I lost my job back in the rural area where I used to stay, yet I still needed to take care of myself and my family. So I requested for assistance in getting a job from a friend who worked at a construction site in Nairobi. I accompanied him to Nairobi in 2002 and that’s how I ended up working as a mason-help (KYM). In the next 6 months, I managed to gain a lot of experience and I rose up the ranks to become a mason. I noticed that some of our clients wanted us to save on cost by requesting us to compromise on concrete ratios. I was a very shy and timid person and I did not believe in myself at all especially because I knew that I was not trained for my line of work. Even though I felt it was wrong, I could not say no to a client. Luckily, I heard of the Kuza Biashara Masons training and I rushed for it. I embraced the digital learning methods that were used and through the sessions I was able to re-discover myself and find my purpose. My confidence as a mason grew so much and I gradually realized that I could make more solid decisions in my area of work. I landed a client in Kiambu County who wanted me to compromise on cement ratios but because I got trained on how to calculate appropriate quantities of materials, I was able to make my calculations and firmly advise the client appropriately on what the right quantities were and why the quantities had to be so. The client listened and my confidence as a Mason grew even more and I began believing in myself more than I ever did before. I now have a very good reputation as a mason of integrity who believes in professionalism and ethics, and this has opened more opportunities for me. Now I can very comfortably take care of my needs and my family’s.