Patrick Ngethe

Just like most fundi’s (masons), I learned the skill on my own by starting from menial tasks until I graduated to a fully-fledged mason. Even then, I still faced a lot of challenges that included not being able to deliver high quality work which resulted in poor pay and financial insecurity. I kept seeking opportunities to grow and better my skills and that’s why the Kuza Biashara program interested me. I was particularly excited by the digital method of learning where we were each given tablets and through the digital platform, I was able to interact with other masons and share our experiences. The technical skills I acquired from the training came in handy on the first job I secured after the training where I was able to offer constructive advice on the choice of cement to use for a wet ground foundation. I also learnt personal development skills where I took away key customer management skills and also boosted my self-confidence. Thanks to the entrepreneurship skills training, I have teamed up with fellow masons each with unique skills and we registered a company. I now no longer work for contractors but I am a contractor myself, I have grown my client base through the customer management skills, I have financial security through my stable income and I’ve employed masons and KYMs (mason helps) to my company.