Tycrose Keeru

I used to work as a security guard at the airport then quite unexpectedly got retrenched. The small plot that I had purchased at Kiang’ombe in Embu County was also declared as grabbed land and my family and I were chased away. Things were bad. As a woman with a family to take care of I sought whatever I could do to get an income. I decided to fetch water at construction sites and to water completed works on site for a little pay. I moved from watering to passing materials to other masons and reading the plumbline and arranging stones, and I gradually became a fully-fledged mason. However, I did not feel as confident as all the men seemed to be because all eyes would be on me as a woman mason. The Kuza Biashara Masons program came at the perfect time for me because at this point I was not certain which direction I wanted to take. I had never gone through any technical training as a mason, and I got to go through one through this project. I also got to learn on how to expand and come up with my own business. I got direct mentorship from the Kuza Biashara team through which I was able to register my own business. Through the business I was able to bid for contracts and my clients were very impressed by my professional skills, confidence and knowledge on my area of work. Right now looking back, my confidence as a mason has really grown, I have been able to employ a few other people and my income has steadily increased. I am able to better take care of my family and I hope to start my own hardware company very soon where I can supply construction materials to construction companies.

Program: Masons Development Program

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