Kuza won Global award as one of the World’s best Digital Content Solution provider

Kuza won the coveted Global Champion award for being one of the World’s best Digital Content Solution provider by the World Summit Awards at the Global Congress Cascais at Lisbon, Portugal in March 2019. Kuza won this recognition in the category of Environment & Green Energy for its achievement in digital innovation to drive social impact & change around the world.

The WSA recognized Kuza’s Agripreneur program implemented in partnership with the Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture to tackle the systems problem in agriculture that places smallholder farmers at a disadvantage. Worldwide over 78% of the 570 million farms are classified as smallholder farms who lack direct access to quality inputs, credit linkages, markets linkages and access to the advisory. The program screens & selects and trains youth from the rural community to become an “Agripreneur.” Powered by Kuza’s portable multi-sided digital platform that offers micro-learning, micro-distribution and micro-mentoring, each Agripreneur service around 200 smallholder farmers, providing them access to quality agri inputs, credit & insurance access, access to market & crop advisory services. This path-breaking digital solution leads to sustainable social impact by building and supporting change agents who then go on and elevate an entire community.

The World Summit Awards are a unique awards system, selecting and promoting local digital innovation to improve society. With over 15 years of international experience, WSA is a quality seal for digital content with societal impact in over 180 participating countries, basing the winners on content, functionality, design, technology, innovation in addition to impact and value.

“While we are humbled to be doing such impactful work, we could only afford ourselves a moment to celebrate this win, because we are just getting started onto the road of 1 billion to go,” says Sriram Bharatam, Founder & Chief Mentor, Kuza.One

Multi-facet digital platform Kuza One from Kenya educates smallholder farmers in Africa & Asia concerning environmental Agriculture & Entrepreneurship and was selected by the Jury for Environment & Green Energy. “It could be a winner in education, could be a winner in many categories. It is a real winner.” the Jury stated.

Kuza, a Social Technology Enterprise, is a mobile-first micro-learning platform offering youth, women & micro-entrepreneurs from informal communities opportunities to learn, connect & grow on their own terms and at their own convenience. By leveraging its digital platform, Kuza has impacted over 4 million people across 3 continents.