2020-21 has been a tough period that most of us would want to forget. As we look forward to a brighter 2022, we took a moment to pause, reflect and appreciate the support we received from our partners, advisors & well-wishers to not only tide through the tough times, but also listen to our hearts and make bold moves.


WITH THE COMMUNITIES Building resilience & strength to fight the war against COVID-19

As a socially responsible company, Kuza launched a mobile-first rapid response campaign, Corona Warriors, to empower those on the front lines to self assess their COVID-19 status, educate themselves and their communities with bite-sized micro-learning videos to build their Resilience & Strength to fight the war against Coronavirus.

Sarova group, Kenya Tourism board, Heifer international, and Strathmore are some of the key partners who collaborated with us in engaging over 150,000 households from agriculture, travel & hospitality sectors.

Learn more about the Corona Warrior Campaign


THE RULES OF THE GAME Extreme conditions are fertile soil for Extreme Innovation

Kuza reflected & evolved forward looking strategies for the rural communities to adapt to the new normal. Kuza Academy launched Rural Entrepreneur Development Incubators (REDI) to incubate a cohort of 200 entrepreneurs (22 to 77 year old) from 14 counties of Kenya and four provinces of Mozambique.

We leveraged our investments in digital infrastructure, micro-learning, micro-distribution and AI powered micro-mentoring methodologies to build capacities of these micro-entrepreneurs from low-income communities. Collaboratively working with the World Food Program/Farm to Market Alliance, 2Scale/IFDC, and the World Bank, we have successfully graduated these entrepreneurs by building their skills, connecting to the supplier networks and growing their businesses.

We contributed to the global good by participating in the thought leadership forums organised by the World Bank, MercyCorps Agrifin Accelerator, WFP Innovation Accelerator sharing our experiences & best practices in creating sustainable rural businesses @Scale.


OF THE LAST MILE Sustainable rural agri businesses build on Trust

Agripreneurs like Lenah Mwangi, who were incubated by Kuza late last year have grown their network to over 500 smallholder farmers each from within their communities and doubled their income under extreme conditions of Covid-19.

Here is a sneak peek of Lenah’s transformation story:

Learn how we are re-engaging Youth in Agriculture


COMMUNITIES Improving productivity & income of smallholders

This year, smallholder farmers faced the triple shock of climate change, LOCUST & COVID in addition to the weak public extension support.

We are creating a new cadre of village based agripreneurs with each providing digital extension services to a cohort of 200 smallholder farmers and sustaining with the commissions from the services. This systems approach is turning smallholder farmers into profitable businesses by providing them access to crop advisory training, quality inputs, better prices for their crops and affordable capital.

300,000+ smallholder farmers have gotten better yields & income this year because of our work. Key program contributors are: Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), Mozambique Climate Resilience Program, Gender Transformative approaches in Program Design with IDH & ICRISAT, Sustainable Seeds initiative with CRS/USAID, Sustainable Spice Initiative, Agripreneur program with IFDC/2Scale, WFP/Farm to Market Alliance and the World Bank Disruptive Agriculture Technologies.


THE FUTURE OF WORK Creating livelihood opportunities for rural youth/women

It takes a village… at kuza we have been heads down this year focussing on building that village, working closely with all the agriculture ecosystem actors.

Kuza is a mobile-first micro-learning platform offering youth, women, and micro-entrepreneurs from informal communities the opportunities to learn, connect, and grow on their own terms & at their own convenience. Kuza’s theory of change is to be the ecosystem player creating opportunities for the under-served communities. Working alongside 3,500 agri-entrepreneurs, 500,000 farmers from 4,500 villages, Kuza’s platform creates a sustainable model leveraging philanthropy and private sector participation in opportunities to drive growth to its users.

Kuza offers mentorship/business support & access to credit/markets via its ONE digital network, enabling these communities to access the knowledge economy. This is done through our massive digital catalog of bite-size content, reducing the upskilling and networking costs, and making it accessible even in off-grid areas.


TO OUR WORK IN 2020 Reassuring that we are Different to make a Difference

As they say, it takes 20 years to make an overnight success. It’s a humbling experience that our two decades of relentless efforts is getting global recognitions giving us more strength and courage to boldly go and make a mark by empowering the people who are powering our planet. To-date we have impacted 5.2 million lives and created 153,231 new jobs.




We are championing a global revolution in creating youth-led sustainable rural businesses to support and uplift 500 million smallholder farmers. The first to admit we don’t have all the answers, we are bringing together the ecosystem actors onto ONE Network to collaboratively work on this grand challenge together.

We have done the hard work. We have tested & validated the model @Scale under extreme conditions. We are now Future REDI and are looking for like-minded partners to walk the path. Join us on our journey to support these communities to Learn, Connect & Grow @Scale.

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