Milfred Mwangi

I am a young single mother of one, and my greatest desire is to take care of my child to the best of my ability. That has not been very easy. I began working as a freelance article writer, as most people do these days, but I was earning less than $2 a day. I had financial demands all around me. I loved writing, but I did not know what I could do to earn a better income while at the same time take care of my young daughter. A friend shared the Kuza Biashara Digital training advert with me, and with the advert was an assurance that all the trainees would get placements after the program. I needed such an opportunity where I knew I could grow more in article writing and at the same time acquire digital skills such that in case we did not get placements I would still use the skills I learnt to grow my income. However Kuza Biashara was true to their word. On top of acquiring priceless digital and life skills, I got connected to a leading packaging company as a paid intern in their digital team. My income has increased, and I am better able to take care of my daughter. Beyond the internship I intend to keep growing. I still freelance as an article writer, but it is now a side-hustle and I am better at it.

Program: #SheGoesDigital

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