Olivia Mwende

I run a small events company that plans and designs destination weddings. I began this company after my wedding experience where I did not really like how the décor and planning was done. I thought that with this company I could help other brides to have their perfect days without disappointments. I was wrong. No bride wanted me to help. The few that did would do so after much convincing and with great doubt of whether I could really do it. I did not know how to grow my business and increase my clients, and the do-it yourself website and Facebook page that I had created were not helping much. I was getting frustrated and I wanted to sell everything I had bought for the business and quit. It was then that I learnt about the Kuza Biashara Social Media and Digital Marketing program for women. Looking at my business then, I knew I needed all the help I could get and I applied for the opportunity. I was equipped with digital skills and some entrepreneurial tips that had a huge impact on me as a person and to my business as well. 45 days later after the training, Kuza Biashara still regularly checks on my progress and is always there to answer any questions I have. I am happy to say that because of the training I now have a steady growth in the number of clients I get online which has greatly improved my income. I also have plans to hire more people and I am more confident that I’ll be able to achieve my business goals.I am a more confident destination weddings planner with a reorganized website and facebook page, and of course with more clients. I did not know that by now I would be thinking of expanding my business even further, thanks to the help given to me by Kuza Biashara.

Program: #SheGoesDigital

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