BCI partners with Kuza for Field Facilitators Skill Development Program

Better Cotton GIF has partnered with Kuza and launched an online skill development tool for Field Facilitators (FF) in India. The learning platform enables FFs to undertake personalised and self-directed learning with a view to ensure a consistent skill set across Implementing Partners (IPs). The pilot was conducted in Maharashtra and Gujarat with six IPs. As many as 504 FFs participated in the initial roll-out, followed by an additional 134 FFs.

Kuza’s Digital Micro-Learning Toolkit for Farmer Capacity Building in Mozambique in partnership with BCI

BCI partners with Kuza to provide access to the GAP learning materials through a digital kit that can successfully operate off-grid in even the remotest areas of Mozambique. An entrepreneur from each project site will be trained on providing crop advisory services to farmers using Kuza’s digital toolkit.

Kuza: A revolution in rural businesses

Hundreds of millions of new jobs are needed to keep the growing population of sub-Saharan Africa in work and out of poverty. As Covid-19 threatens to devastate economies across the continent, could social entrepreneurs provide new opportunities to make a living – in good times and bad? New research explores the potential of businesses that put the good of society ahead of making big profits.

Farm to Market Alliance Kenya: Business Coaching – From FSCs to Business Persons

FtMA Kenya team is using Kuza's Redi Platform to help thousands of smallholder farmers across 12 counties, to overcome challenges in the sector, by identifying and building a network of rural Agri entrepreneurs known as Farmer Service Centres (FSCs)