Kuza is a social technology enterprise working with smallholder farmers, health workers, sanitation workers, youth and women groups providing them opportunities to Learn, Connect & Grow.

Kuza offers an innovative bundled solution that provides personalized micro-learning, micro-distribution & micro-mentorship services to these communities on-their-own-terms and at-their-own-convenience via last-mile rural youth agents.

Our Mantra

"We believe that if every micro-entrepreneur can employ just one other person, we can eliminate unemployment."

Sriram Bharatam
Kuza Founder

From Global Goals to Local Impact

We are leaders of a global community using business as a force for good, meeting rigorous standards of performance, transparency & accountability.

  • 4,000,000 Youth & 750,000 Women advance their careers & lives with Kuza’s mentorship & support
  • 3,000,000 Youth engaged via digital campaign on HIV/AIDS awareness leading to 1.0 million testing for status
  • 500,000 TB & 750,000 HIV Patients with unique digital identity remotely tracked through disease notification and digital surveillance system
  • 250,000 Micro & Small Businesses impacted with positive economic growth
  • 151,331 New Jobs created in the informal sector
  • 525,000 Smallholder Farmers receiving agri-business mentorship & access to inputs, credit & market

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